Variety Pack for 4

Variety Pack for 4


Fill your freezer with all the staples you need to create great meals for your family!

Includes 2 packages (4 pieces) of chicken thighs, 2 packages (4 pieces) of chicken drums, 2 packages split bone-in chicken breast, 2 packages of ground beef, 2 packages (4 pieces) of pork chops, 1 butt roast, 2 Ribeye steaks (.3lbs each), 2 packages of sausage (regular, garlic or honey garlic), 1 large chicken breast,  2 cartons of eggs and 2 x 473ml containers of ice cream or frozen yogurt of your choice. Approximately 20 lbs of meat.


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    All items will arrive at your door deep frozen.  Please be sure you have made arrangments to get the products into your freezer as soon as possible.


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